testimonial videos.

Brand Building Retention Education

what is it?

When it comes to retention, the words of your brand’s advocates can be the most effective tool. This is what we do with the Testimonial Video: Use your brand’s success stories to create the foundation for a video that inspires. Your customers are storytellers, too – and the Testimonial Video is their platform.

When does it come in handy?

Once your customers have engaged with your brand, the Testimonial Video serves as a supplementary tool of reassurance and assistance, answering any potential lingering questions and solidifying your relationship. Because of this, the Testimonial Video is a force to be reckoned with when its used between the Decision and Retention stages of the sales funnel process.

Where is it most effective?

Testimonial Videos work the best when they are placed on your website or in email marketing campaigns, available in places where current customers are already interacting with your brand, or where prospective customers who are unaware of your company can be reached.

How to measure its success.

A successful Testimonial Video has a direct effect on conversions. If you are seeing an increase in conversion rates, your Testimonial Video has done its job in helping prospective customers move through the Decision stage of the process.

What to look for
(best practices).

Can sometimes be unscripted for genuine human responses.

Has a story structure or breakdown of talking points.

Follows a cohesive storyline, even if unscripted.

Has purpose and serves a narrative.