explainer videos.

Initial Interest Brand Awareness Lead Generation

what is it?

The Explainer Video is less about the brand and more about your story, focusing on how your product or service will solve the end-user’s problems. The Explainer Video delivers your story in a simplified and entertaining way, giving your audience the pieces of information they need in order to help them move along in their decision-making process. Quick, simple and to-the-point.

When does it come in handy?

The top of the sales funnel: Your audience is actively seeking out a solution to the problem they’re facing in the marketplace. This might be a good time to let them know who you are and what you do, with a quick, engaging video. The Explainer Video helps the decision making process during the consideration stage of your sales funnel. So, give prospects the information they need and help them move right along.

Where is it most effective?

By sitting above the fold of your homepage, the Explainer Video can be the ideal lead generation or conversion tool that greets your site visitors with engaging content and the right information they need.

How to measure its success.

With a specific call-to-action closing out your message, the success of your Explainer Video can be measured directly by examining viewer engagement and determining whether or not that call-to-action is being answered.

What to look for
(best practices).

Conveys your business idea in 120-seconds or less.

Creates a need or want with the audience.

Focuses on the customer benefits.

Is concise and to-the-point.

Has a clear call-to-action.