Initial Interest Brand Awareness Lead Generation

what is it?

The Commercial is your more traditional video ad or spot, designed to generate awareness and buzz around your brand, product or service, without giving too much away and many times without the use of voiceover. It can vary in runtime from 15-seconds to 60-seconds, depending on which social platform it’s being hosted. It also serves as great, attention-grabbing, branded content that conveys who you are in a more high-level approach.

When does it come in handy?

Like any great Commercial you’ve ever seen, the commercials we design for you aim to excite your audience and introduce your brand into their lives. By using your Commercial for broadcast and run strategically in an ad campaign, you can let those who might not be aware that you exist understand that you’re here and you mean business. Use your Commercial in the Awareness stage of your sales funnel and start generating some hype.

Where is it most effective?

Facebook, YouTube or any platform that supports paid advertising is the best place to use your awesome Commercial to start garnering attention and creating excitement and curiosity around your brand.

How to measure its success.

Keep your eye on who’s keeping an eye on your Commercial. By broadcasting your Commercial or implementing it in a paid ad campaign, you can measure its success by understanding the connection between views on the video itself and viewer engagement.

What to look for
(best practices).

Generates hype around your brand.

Inspires and motivates an audience.

Conveys your message with or without the use of voiceover.

Be high-level and centred around your brand.