our process.

Our process is your journey: A creative, collaborative, step-by-step adventure that we embark on with you. We are your constant companion every step of the way toward resolution. Being the hero of your story, we call this process the “Hero’s Journey”.

So, let’s take a walk.

creative concept.

This is where an idea is formed and the foundation of your video is set. We find the perfect creative approach to meeting your objective and solving your problems. We then present you with plot points, messaging, tone and visual style, as well as information on your target audience, and the current landscape. The script then serves as the actual narration of your story, allowing you to read the wording that will inspire your audience to listen, interpret and take action.

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The storyboard consists of hand-drawn images for each scene in the Creative Treatment, giving you the full picture before we bring the scenes to life. The Storyboard helps you visualize the characters, icons and environments that populate every scene of your video, while also giving you a sense of motion and how these assets will interact with each other and how each scene will transition seamlessly.

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style frames.

This is where our talented team of designers and illustrators bring the hand-drawn sketches of the storyboard to realization with colouring, shading, texture and every fine detail that makes up the visual identity of your video. Our strategy behind developing a visual style for your video is balancing art with purpose: creating something that is both beautifully designed but will also strike a chord with your audience and appeal to their interests.

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Is this thing on? It’s time to tell your story. At this point in your journey, we source demos and samples from our talent pool of voiceover artists from all over the world, finding the perfect match in terms of tone, delivery, cadence and personality in order to deliver your message. The voiceover artist is your storyteller.

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In the approved graphic style, we go ahead and create all of the scenes of the video in the fully designed Styleboard. This will show you exactly what each scene will look like in the final video, before we put things in motion.

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This is where we really get things moving. Our animators bring static Style Frames to life by putting all of the graphics into motion, while finding the perfect pace and rhythm for delivering your message to your audience.

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sound design.

To top it all off, we give your video added atmosphere and texture by creating background sound effects that complement your story, along with a music track that helps maintain the overall tone and feel of your piece.

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