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What to expect during Style Frame stage of your journey:

  • 2 to 3 fully designed scenes of the approved sketched Storyboard.
  • Script and Creative Treatment for the corresponding Style Frame, so the scene can be pictured in context.
  • A scheduled meeting with our Creative Team to walk you through the finer details of the Style Frames and to answer any questions you might have.

At this point in your journey, you’ve seen how each scene of your video will be broken down and laid out, as shown in the sketched Storyboard. Now it’s time to bring these scenes to life, with colour, shading, texture and depth, so you can get a sense of not only how the scenes will be composed, but how they will be designed. The Style Frames show you the visual aesthetic of your video, and establishes your video’s unique identity.

We like to think of our videos sort of like thumbprints. Each one is unique, made up of its own DNA. Things that contribute to this “genetic makeup” of your video, are things like your personal branding and other visual influences that either you’ve come across, or that we feel inspired by.

Here’s how these two factors come into play when designing your Style Frames:



During the initial Discovery Call stage, we ask for all sorts of branding materials, from logos, colour palettes and font files, to standards on tone of voice. This helps us not only get a sense of how our writers will craft the words of your story, but also how our designers and illustrators will inject your brand into the visuals, in order to create a piece that is cohesive with your website, email campaign, social media platforms, or anywhere you’ll be using your videos in context.


We work with a team of super talented designers and illustrators who are capable of creating all sorts of graphic styles. Whether it’s flat, vector-based iconography or cityscapes from an isometric (¾ angle) perspective, our team will deliver. That’s why we also ask for any pieces of art that has struck a chord with you, whether from a brochure, website, GIF, or existing video – anything that made you stop and think, “Hmm, this could work for our audience, too.”  We then take those influences and add our own little touch so that they line up with our own creative vision for your video.

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Robert Johnson