STEP 7 of 7

What to expect during the Sound Design step in your journey:

  • 2 – 3 Music options.
  • An updated video with music, finalized voiceover, and sound effects.
  • Fully licensed music track.
  • Custom sound effects tailored to your story

It’s time to add the icing to the cake. The icing, in this case, being a sweet additional layer of music and additional sound effects to really immerse our viewer into the video. During the sound design stage, we find music samples that complement the overall pace of the video. We create atmosphere and texture in order to help amplify the emotion you are looking to evoke.

Choosing the right song and sound effects is an important step in the process that really breathes life into your video. It can create emphasis and emotion and steer the viewer toward the reaction you’re looking for. Here’s a bit of our thought process when choosing a song and  sound effects.

Picking The Song

The purpose of picking a song is getting your audience to feel a certain way. We start by asking ourselves, “How do we want the audience to feel?” From the Discovery Meeting to now, we have discussed the vision, feel, tone, and a number of other things. So when it comes to choosing a song, we have all that information we need to find a score that fits your story. Music evokes emotion, and together we find a song that evokes the emotion that satisfies our objective.

Sometimes, the best music is the music that isn’t noticed at all. If the dialogue and narration is crucial information, we don’t want to distract the viewer with a loud and in-your-face song. If it’s a Testimonial Video, then we want to accentuate the emotional connection between the viewer and the person giving the Testimonial. It all comes down to that emotional connection we are trying to build with the viewer, and with your feedback. It’s a really fun step towards a fully refined story.

Adding Sound Effects

Finally, our last step. Attention to detail is something we really pride ourselves on. It’s one of the many things we believe sets us apart. Going through your story and just adding those extra little effects that help establish and environment, atmosphere or world for your story. These little added effects help to heighten the audience’s experience. Our goal is to create this sense of reality to your video, but have it done in a subtle and meticulous way as to not distract from the story, but rather complement it.

There you have it, the final step in our journey together. 

Robert Johnson