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What to expect during Creative Concept stage of your journey:

  • A PDF document containing a breakdown of the objectives and goals of the video as well as the visual style, plot and tone.
  • A scheduled meeting with our Creative Team to walk you through the artistic direction and details of your story.


Now that our Discovery Meeting is done and we know a little bit more about each other, our journey together is officially underway. At this point, we have all of the information we need about your objectives, goals and the ins and outs of your brand, so it’s time to trap ourselves in a room with a whiteboard and start letting our creative juices flow. No, seriously – this is how we kickstart the creation of your first deliverable – the Creative Concept.

What is a Creative Concept?

The Creative Concept is a complete package (in PDF form) that breaks down your video – from the practical information (objective, goal, target audience, current landscape, etc.) to the creative information (visual style, plot, tone, etc.). It serves as a reference to both parties as we move together throughout the entire Hero’s Journey. In this package, we also outline the overall creative idea for the story element of your video; the idea that elevates it from being just a video with information, to an engaging story that inspires your audience to act.

There are many challenges and steps to take on this journey, so you can think of the Creative Concept as our roadmap or wireframe for how the video will be structured. At this stage, your feedback plays a pretty important role. Before we start really getting in depth with our ideas or visual style, we need to make sure you and your team are on board with the proposed Creative Concept. The rest of the journey follows this blueprint, so we need to make sure your team is fully on board before proceeding to the other steps of the journey.


Concept Document

Concept Document

What’s Included in my Creative Concept?

We start from the beginning, reintroducing the information we’ve gathered in our Discovery Meeting. Breaking down the objective, target audience and purpose of the video keeps it in the forefront of your mind while reading some of the more creative aspects. While reviewing the Concept, you can go back at any point and make sure that the creative side is matching up with the practical side. This keeps our focus on the goal while we flush out the creative details. We then give a breakdown of the creative side – Visual Style, Tone, Plot. This gives us a story to attach to the goals and objectives and is the bones of your video.

Then, the really fun part…coming up with your story and its style. We really do lock ourselves in a big cozy room with a whiteboard and start just writing down everything we can think of, exploring every possible creative avenue that always leads to the same destination: meeting your objective. This is where we truly balance art with purpose. The brainstorming session is one of our favorite stages of the process, because it gives us a chance to really think outside the box and come up with fresh new ideas that will eventually be reflected in your video. It really is a “eureka!” moment when you start to see how all the pieces will fit together in a cohesive story.


The Plot

The plot is where we break down the theme of the video. While we may not go into every single granular detail, we do give you the major plot points and therefore, a better understanding of the structure and theme of the story. Now, you’ll have a clearer picture of the flow of the story as well as characters, conflict, resolution, etc.

The Visual Style

This is your first glance at some sample images that are not meant to be exactly your scenes but more the direction we want to take to best show your story.  We include some example scenes from other videos that are close to the style we want to implement in your video. You won’t fully know what your scenes will look like until we get to the style frames stage, but this will give you a general idea of the direction we want to take.

The Tone

The tone is where we explain the overall feeling of the story. Do we want to inspire? Or are we trying to inform and engage? There are so many approaches that you can take with the tone of the video. We’d like to give you an idea of the feeling and emotions we want the viewers to have and how it reflects the objective and goals of the video.

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Robert Johnson