In addition to producing our signature products, Simple Story also provides the following video services in order to provide a complete video marketing service:

Video Marketing Strategy

A structured video marketing strategy framework to help your business utilize the most effective form of content: video.

Video Content Strategy

To make any sort of impact, you need video content that speaks to your target audience in a way that rings true, and a way they can’t ignore. This is where your video content strategy comes in.

Video Campaign Planning

Before launching a new video campaign, we always revisit your company’s wider objectives as well taking a close look at your customers.

Video Brand Guidelines

With solid guidelines in place, you can make sure video is another seamless part of your communications arsenal. And with the creative boundaries already established, production costs are lowered and you’re free to concentrate on engaging content.


From script writing/copywriting, to graphic design, voiceover and video editing, Simple Story can be your go-to video outsourcing agency. As we say, we can be an extension of your brand, working closely with your creative and marketing teams.