Interest Awareness

what is it?

Sometimes, less is more. The Trailer is an extremely effective tool for trade shows, when the goal is to pique the interest of the audience in a quick and effective way, with minimal or no dialogue.

When does it come in handy?

Like any great movie trailer, the Trailer is a captivating, cinematic approach to raising awareness.

Where is it most effective?

Trailers are great for teasing information, creating a sense of mystery and grabbing the attention of attendees at busy events, like trade shows, where you need to stand out in the crowd. We recommend using the Trailer as an introductory piece to your audience, letting them know that something big is coming, rather than giving information away all up front.

How to measure its success.

With a high-traffic trade show event, a good way to determine your Trailer’s success is engagement. How many people stopped and engaged with you and your brand? Was the message clearly delivered? Did those visitors leave with a solid understanding of your message? These are all key determining factors of your Trailer’s success when used at a trade show event.

What to look for
(best practices).

Teases information, without giving a detailed explanation.

Has a powerful visual story with or without the use of voiceover.

Entices your audience to learn more.

Has a cinematic look & feel.