product videos.

Initial Interest Brand Awareness Lead Generation

what is it?

In the more traditional advertising sense, the Product Video stays with…well, the product. Shifting the focus from the who or why, the Product Video showcases your product and helps the audience understand how the product can fit into their personal or professional lives.

When does it come in handy?

Your audience may be aware of the challenges they’re facing and have heard of your brand, but may not be aware of how exactly your product can directly benefit them. Using this video in the Decision stage of your sales funnel process is where it will serve you best.

Where is it most effective?

Hosting your Product Video on a product-specific landing page, like this one, is the best way to give your visitors the information they need when they’re already interacting with your brand and need a powerful persuader to adopt your product.

How to measure its success.

Your Product Video can be directly linked to conversions. If you’ve noticed an increase in overall sales and conversions after the launch of your video, it’s doing exactly what it was designed to do.

What to look for
(best practices)

Stays with the product.

Highlights product functionality, without providing an in-depth walkthrough.

Helps the audience envision the product in their personal lives.