our mission .

Once upon a time, you had an idea; A spark of genius that stemmed from a desire to solve a problem. That idea was the beginning of your brand. As your idea grew from a spark of genius to a flame of brilliance, you created solutions designed to solve these problems and meet the needs of your customers. You – our client – truly are the Hero of your own story.

But every hero must face conflict.

For you, this conflict can either be letting prospective customers know that you exist, or that your solution wields the power and key functionality to solve their problems.

There is a connection missing here; a connection between hero and audience. At Simple Story, we create this connection by crafting simple, story-driven messages.

As Story Architects, we work with you, our heroes, to simplify your messaging to the most compelling truths; The little specks of gold that let your audience know exactly what they’re missing out on and how your solution can resolve the conflicts, barriers, challenges and inconveniences that stand in their way.

This means your conflicts are replaced with results.

By delivering this information to your audience in the form of an engaging story, they are left feeling inspired to act.

The Simple Story process doubles as our Hero’s Journey; A step-by-step adventure in which we, the Story Architects, embark on with you, not for you. We are your Narrators and constant companion in every step of your journey.

We tell these stories through the form of video, the most effective way of giving your audience a multi-sensory experience that balances art with purpose and entertainment with insight.

be the hero of your own story.

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