Video continues to be the most influential form of content marketing. If your website has video, it is 53 times more likely to get a first page spot in google search results. Additionally, people spend 2.6 times longer on pages with videos than those without any videos. As such, it is imperative to make sure you are aware of the video marketing trends for 2020.

These views also translate into conversions. A study conducted by Wyzowl found that 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

So you must be wondering, what are the video marketing trends for 2020? Well, here they are:

Personalized video

This trend has been predicted every year for the past few years, but we are confident this is the year that personalized video becomes no longer a nice-to-have but a video necessity.

What is personalized video? Well, in short, it is delivering a different video experience to an individual based on either inputs, data tracked on the user’s site behaviour or the user’s location. Given that web personalization made big leaps the past few years, it’s time that video follows suit and becomes one of the biggest video marketing trends for 2020. Expect the big Digital Experience Management or Content Management Software companies to start including video personalization in their feature offerings and when that happens, personalized video will be a must-have. These companies know that more than 78% of customers will only pursue offers if they’re customized to previous engagements with the brand, and therefore, the need for this personalization for video is crucial.

At Simple Story, we have a platform that allows you to personalize your video, be it by adding different calls to action depending on the user’s IP address location, or displaying the user’s name in the video based on a previous user input. Get a quote now!

Vertical Video

Vertical video is also known as portrait video. It’s where the aspect ratio is no longer widescreen, but tallscreen. The reason for this is mainly due to popularity in apps like Instagram and Snapchat that require vertical video (for whatever reason (ok, it’s because your phone is designed that way)).

Given that Instagram and Snapchat are becoming increasingly popular and advertising on those platforms are a must if you are looking to target millennials and younger, having vertical video is crucial. Instagram is now the second most used social media platform with 71% of users being below the age of 35. Moreover, Snapchat is now by far the most popular app with Gen Z and 80% of people aged 18-24 in the US use Snapchat. Therefore, these stats make it clear that vertical video is definitely one of the video marketing trends for 2020.

If Simple Story is making your video, we can not only make a vertical video, but also give you the horizontal and vertical versions of the video to ensure you have a high quality product that can be used across all channels.

Video Marketing Trends for 2020 - Vertical Video
Video Marketing Trends for 2020 - Square

Captioned Videos & Transcribed Videos

A captioned video is a video that has on screen text of the audio. Captions can be open or closed.

Open captions are basically just the text burnt into the video, meaning they remain an overlay. Closed captions can be turned on or off.
Both are one of our video marketing trends for 2020 because it allows people to watch a video on mute and still know the content which is increasingly important as people scroll through social media while at work or in public. That being said, closed captions are even better because they can be picked up and indexed on Youtube for SEO purposes.

Transcribed videos are basically just the audio being typed out in paragraph form that can be read at the reader’s leisure. This is great because the text can obviously be picked up by crawlers, but also serves a similar purpose to people who may not want to listen and instead read at their own pace.

It’s important to note for the sake of meeting ADA accessibility requirements, CC and transcription is required.

Video Marketing Trends for 2020 - Captions

A/B Test Videos

You’re not going to know for sure how effective your video is going to be before you launch it. Of course there are best practices and professional video marketing agencies like Simple Story would ensure your video follows them, but even with that, it’s important to test your videos improve.
One thing we are suggesting to our clients more often is to create two versions of a video to see what is more successful.

This can be done easily by having a shorter version of the video, or maybe the colours are inverted, or you can do more complex things like having two different styles of animation but the same content and actions in the video.
You can then either just A/B test it yourself, or use A/B testing software like CrazyEgg to help do the testing for you.

At the end the day, A/B testing is becoming crucial to ensure you are maximizing your ROI and getting the most conversions possible.

At the end the day, A/B testing is becoming crucial to ensure you are maximizing your ROI and getting the most conversions possible.

Video Marketing Trends for 2020 - A/B Test

Snippet Versions

In addition to your full length video, typically between 1-2 minutes, we now suggest also having at least one snippet version. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Stories. People watch stories. 500 million people use Stories every day and a third of those stories are from brands. As such, if you are targeting people on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, then you’re probably going to need a good <30 second video for your story.
  2. Youtube ads. Yes, there are longer ads that can be skipped, but we’re seeing increasing use of 6 second ads because these ads cannot be skipped. As such, having a 6 second teaser is now very valuable. Even shortly after Youtube started with the 6 second ads, they found that in 70% of cases, bumpers caused a “significant lift” in awareness of the attached brand.

Now the trick here isn’t just cutting 30 seconds, or 6 seconds, from your video and posting that. You need to ensure the message, awareness or call to action is captured in that time. That’s why we at Simple Story use our blend of creative minds and our marketing minds to ensure these video snippets are not just captivating, but achieve your desired business outcome.

We suspect this will be the biggest of the video marketing trends for 2020 and Simple Story is an industry leader that is able to help you with all your content and video marketing needs. Contact us to learn more or setup a call!
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Alex Dorward