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Here’s what to expect during the Script stage of your journey:

  • A fully written script with a total word count number.
  • A brief note reiterating the concept or plot.
  • Supplementary notes on visuals or tone of voice.


The Creative Concept is the foundation of your video; a wireframe or formula that lays out the roadmap for your story. Now it’s time to build on top of that foundation with the Script; the actual words that our talented writers construct in order to tell your story.

Keeping in mind the video length and word count, we start to write our story around the key messages that we need to convey in order to give your audience the right information. But, we do it in the right way: balancing poetic storytelling with information.

Depending on which type of video we are creating for you, we tend to explore different story structures. For example, if we are creating an Explainer Video for you, we’ll structure our story so that we are clearly setting up the problems and challenges that the people within your industry (your prospective customers) are facing first, before changing beats to introduce the solution: You.

The Script accompanies the Creative Concept package, so you’re not only getting the laid out wireframe for your story, but the actual story itself. We do this so that you can have a clearer, more accurate understanding of how we’ve weaved your key messaging into a compelling narrative.

The Script is the final piece in your complete Creative Concept. Once written, we turn it over to you to give us Feedback and make sure your team is on board before moving into the Storyboard process.

While we do take pride in the scripts we write, sometimes we tailor our approach depending on the circumstances of a project. That’s the great thing about our process; it’s flexible and adaptable, in order to fit the specific needs of a client.

For example, when a client provides us with a green-lit, approved script, our writers work their magic from the perspective of an editor. Script editing can be done in order to breathe more of a storyline or plot into the existing script (since the key information is already there), and change the language to adopt a more of a conversational tone of voice suited for video narration.

Another reason for script editing could be to bring the script down to a required word count for a specific video runtime.


Here are some word counts to keep in mind:

  • 60-second video = 150 – 155 words
  • 90-second video = 220 – 225 words
  • 120-second video = 300 – 305 words


This is great information to keep in mind if you plan on providing us with an approved script. For scripts that we write for you in-house, we always keep a close eye on the word count in relation to the video runtime, and we make sure our Creative Concept keeps this in check as well, so that it doesn’t require pages upon pages of words in order to get your storyline across.

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Robert Johnson