Technology Today

We live in a day and age where technology is advancing at such a rate, it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around it. We are on the cusp of self driving cars, robots, drone delivery, and so much more that the everyday person has no clue about (which in some cases, is probably a good thing). This is also true in the video world; We have cameras that can shoot in such a high resolution, the results of which test the limitations of the human eye. We have lenses that can shoot from distances so far away that you barely need to be in the same area to capture what you need. All this to say, we live in a such an advanced time that the cameras and lights and shots that would have been reserved for big production houses, can now be done by anyone who saves a little and buys some decent gear.

So what am I getting at? In essence, the playing field has levelled and the amount of good cinematography is growing and growing. That’s why telling a good story is the most important aspect of any video. So many videos today are VISUALLY appealing, but they lack the EMOTIONAL appeal and connection that is necessary for any good story to motivate, inspire and move people. At the base of every Simple Story video, is a client with a story waiting to be told. Of course, stunning visuals and cool effects can be used to heighten the value of the story, but the fact remains that brands are stories, and the best stories are the ones people connect with most.

Telling a GOOD Story

This is what sets Simple Story apart; What we do is really dive into your company and get to know everything we can about you before even starting to develop a creative concept. We take an in depth look at things like vision, culture, branding, ideals, and the industry as a whole; all of the elements that comprise your brand story. We then act as your Story Architects, pulling together your story elements before simplifying and delivering that story through video.

People don’t like being sold to, but everyone loves a good story. We bridge that gap to create a video that fulfills its purpose, while creating connection through story. Of course, the videos we create are visually stunning and we take great pride in that, but the story is where we feel we can make the greatest impact and the results are noticeable.

Let Us Tell Your Story

We all have stories to tell. Businesses, brands and companies are no different. At Simple Story, we help those businesses, brands and companies tell their stories through video, creating a sort of hybrid between business and entertainment that is a step above your traditional video needs. We do this in a way that is collaborative with you and your company. You know your industry and product or service better than anyone, so we take from that and learn the ins and outs from you, to gather a better understanding of exactly what it is we are trying to convey. From there, we use our storytelling skills to create the most cohesive, entertaining and impactful delivery of your video, balancing art with purpose and giving you the results you need.

Flashy cinematography, smooth graphics and visuals are what lies at the surface, beneath that is what moves people – a Simple Story.

It is our ability to tell stories that has landed us a spot on as a Top Video Production Company on DesignRush.

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Robert Johnson